Erik Chan Chi-Hein


Art, Business, & Design

Kitchen table Table | Furniture
PFP in Acrylic Painting | Acrylic
L00t Chat | Game
Bahabox Travel | Host
Console Table Table | Furniture
DIY Iron Lamps Lamp | Furniture
OrderParrot Chatbot | Restaurant
Motorized Desk Desk | Furniture
Wood Stools Stools | Furniture
Peggy2 Equalizer Electronics | Music
Ponty Wine Brochures Brochure | Banding
Moon Safari Rasterization Fabrication | Laser cutting
Chanponty's May 19th Beverage | Beer
E3 Collages Art | Collage
Cook Me Crepes Mobile App | Food
Harmotion Game | Online Multiplayer
EmpTwit Research | Markets
Press-fit Coat Hanger Fabrication | Design
PCB Fabrication 'Hello World' Fabrication | PCB Design
DIY CNC Machine Fabrication | Shop bot
Guitar Bottle Opener Fabrication | Waterjet
Assortment of PCBs Fabrication | PCB Design
Instrumented Drumsticks Fabrication | Music
Family Prints Painting | Acrylics
Gameday Tycoon Facebook App | Game
Harmotion Brochure Brochure | Design
Harmotion Race Logos Game Art | Graphics
Particle Effects Designer Tools | EFX Designer
X and Y Painting | Acrylics
Harmotion Race Ships Game Art | Direction
Coco Voice Mobile App | Social Networking
Shades of Bellevue Painting | Acrylics
Instant Messaging MMORPG Game Design | Storyboard
iPad2worldwide Website | Ecommerce
Jian Yi Jian Business | Business Design
Music Recordings Music | Composition
Music Painter Mobile App | Music
Peggy2 Webcam Electronics | Video Game | Website
Airik x Stan Smith Apparel | Sneakers
DJ iPhone Mobile App | Music
Harmotion Polos Apparel | Polos
LePonty Wines Website | Branding
Blog Portfolio Website | Blog
intwn Website | Travel
Chatramp Website | Lead gen
ConsultFred Website | Saas
Small Projects Miscellaneous
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